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JTO consists of seven departments at present:
(1) Lenses processing department: plano convex lenses , plano concave lenses, double convex lenses , double concave lenses, meniscus, achromatic lenses, spherical reticle lenses and so on;
(2)Prisms processing department: right angle prisms, roof prisms, penta prisms, dove prisms, powell lenses, abbe prisms, porro prisms, rectangular prisms and other various prisms;
(3)Cylindrical lenses processing department: plano-convex cylindrical lenses, plano-concave cylindrical lenses, double-convex cylindrical lenses, double-concave cylindrical lenses, rod lenses and various cylindrical lenses.
(4)Flat and fliter processing department: there are more than 20 sets double-lapping machine in the facility, it mainly process various double sides polishing flats, reticle, filter, mirror and so on;
(5) Aspheric lenses processing department: it equipped Japanese high precision aspheric mould processing machine, glass molded machine,Taylor Hobson test instruments, Japanese Panasonic UA3P test instruments, 3D dimensional test instruments and so on; it can process various high precision aspherical lenses.
The usage of the products:various image systems, laser collimators, security camera, LED light-concentrating systems, focus systems and other regions.
(6) Coating processing department: Anti-Reflection coating, BBAR green coating, beam splitter coating, phase coating, reflection coating, dielectric coating and so on;
(7) ptical material purchasing department: Purchasing various optical material in and abroad;
JTO had passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification


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