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Chang Chun Jiu Tian Optoelectronic Co. Ltd. which is located at Changchun, the Capital of JiLin County, China. Changchun is the base of Optical photonics development and production of China, astronaut cradle, Optical photonics capital, IT capital and movies capital. Many famous scientists, optical photonics specialists are also playing important role in the globe.

Jiu Tian optoelectronic company development and improvement continuously should be thanks for our first class quality, reasonable pricing, humanized arrangement and its strategy of guiding by customers’ requirements. It is a modern company which integrate design, production and sale together. The material we can supply including optical glass, quartz, Pyrex,MgF2,CaF2, BaF2 ,Germanium, Silicon, ZnSe, etc.. The products are mainly high precision optical components such as lens , prism, window, filter, cylinder mirror, aspherical mirror etc..

We have the expertise and manufacturing resources necessary to customer design, prototype, and manufacture optical products based on your project’s requirements. Our dedicated and skilled engineers will ensure that you get the optimal design for your application, while our quality assurance teams guarantee the best final products.

Please contact us with your requirements, we believe our first class quality and optimized service will build a bridge between you and Jiu Tian, let us realize our dreams together.


Address: 1799# Guang Gu Street,High-Technology Industtry Development Area,Chang Chun, China 130021
Tel: 0431-85652918 85660988 89120399 89120599
Fax :0431-85653918Website: http://www.jtoptec.com/ E-mail: sales@jtoptec.com